The name Amaizonia and its meaning are derived from Amai: “wisdom”, is also the name of the founder’s ancestral home. While zon, is “son” (in several languages, including Yiddish, Japanese…) and ia: is “of” (Wisdom of the son) and; focuses on tech and non-profit activities, including, a training academy.


What we do and how you can get involved

Food and drinks are the sources of physical sustenance, for good health and well-being. AmaiZonia, founded in 2019, with the vision to help ease the process of food manufacturing for foodies; through the integration of an App and a monitoring device. We also manufacture branded food and drinks, to create a global food-loving community and celebrate foodie heritage. This global immersion in the culture of food in our community is where foodies belong, in other to express their take on food. So, join us, if you love food. Then again, who doesn’t love food? My guess is, we all do; right? Whether it is just experimenting with food and drinks, a true gourmet or a connoisseur. Our signature miso paste and a variety of sauces, together with our beverages, are an integral part of our business tools. 


Our base and commitment

We are located in the UK, with a culture of embracing the excellent ethos of a social enterprise. We give back where it counts, to make a lasting impact for the under-represented youths. How we do that, is by engaging the youths in activities. These activities could be physical activity on a weekend away from the city tension and peer pressure, or weekend digital coding, for young female pupils. This is with the view to integrate other genders in the future.

Amaizonia vision is of a social concept, that engages the youths on self-empowerment. Through our support and partnership, youths can achieve their life’s goals and be productive members of society. We are committed to forming joint partnerships with corporate entities and youth organizations to provide long-term, sustainable solutions for a brighter future. Ultimately, empowering youths to aim higher. Please, make it your goal to join us in our quest by supporting us!